Watch: First Superman & Lois Trailer Introduces The Family Of Steel

Superman & Lois

Tyler Hoechlin has been knocking around the Arrowverse since 2016, but in the new year, he’s finally about to get himself his own vehicle. Superman & Lois will star Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch’s Lois Lane and focus on how the biggest power couple in the DC universe handle balancing their lives as superheroes/super journalists with raising their two teenage sons, Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) and Jordan (Alex Garfin), who don’t know about their dad’s secret life.

Fans have been waiting for ages for a glimpse at the much hyped new show and today, The CW finally debuted the first teaser trailer for S&L. The stylized promo features a voiceover from Hoechlin’s Clark Kent as he talks about the importance of family, while the visuals tease the Last Son of Krypton – complete with his swanky new suit – flying through the Fortress of Solitude. “We all begin as one version of ourselves,” Supes says in the trailer, “but as we grow, life changes us…[into] a stronger person, forged like steel, with the courage to fight for those we love.”

The dialogue used in this preview is surprisingly strong, promising that the series will dig into the contrast and connections between Clark’s own upbringing, that turned him into the man (of tomorrow) he is today, and the way his sons are now going through this same transformative period. This feels reminiscent of Smallville, then, especially as the trailer features the iconic Kent farm. Remember, the Kents will relocate from Metropolis to the sleepy Kansas town in S&L following a family tragedy, with the same sets and locations being reused from the classic Superman prequel.

The House of El lives again. Don’t miss Superman & Lois when it premieres on The CW from Tuesday, February 23rd, the same day The Flash returns for its seventh run. Batwoman is the first of the Arrowverse shows to kick off, though, with season 2 debuting Sunday, January 17th on the network.