Watch: First Teaser Trailer For The Flash Season 7 Races Online

The Flash

DC’s Fandome event is underway now, delivering a ton of cool new information on movies, TV shows and games based on DC properties. Fans of The Flash haven’t been forgotten, either, with the event dropping a teaser trailer that gives us our first official look at the upcoming seventh season.

It looks like a hell of a ride, which will be very welcome after the COVID-19-truncated sixth season. Lockdowns and general production troubles meant that the show had to wrap up its story a few episodes earlier than planned. Those unfinished season 6 episodes will seemingly be repurposed into the season 7 opening though, meaning that we’re technically getting a season finale as the premiere.

Seeing official footage like this is a welcome reminder that The CW is getting back into gear after the difficulties of the last year. The next season of Black Lightning (which was recently officially incorporated into the Arrowverse) is also slated for January 2021, though that date was announced before the pandemic slowed down everything so could yet be delayed.

The much-anticipated Superman & Lois will also air in January 2021. This one is still fairly mysterious (let’s hope for a trailer very soon), though we know that it’ll show Superman and Lois relocating to Smallville to raise their twin sons. Tyler Hoechlin has hugely impressed with his turn as the Man of Steel on Supergirl and it’s about time for him to take the spotlight.

Speaking of Kara’s adventures, the future of Supergirl is a bit hazier. It’ll return in 2021, though the show is on pause due to the fact that Melissa Benoist is pregnant with her first child. My bet is that we’ll next see Kara kicking butt on screen sometime during summer 2021.

But right now, all eyes will be on The Flash, which looks to be going from strength to strength in its seventh season. Let’s hope we get an exact air date in the coming weeks.