Watch: The Boys Season 3 Viral Ad Teases New Characters


Neither creator and executive producer Eric Kripke or Amazon have confirmed when we can expect Season 3 of The Boys to premiere, but it’s beginning to look increasingly likely that it won’t be until 2022. Production has been underway since February and is expected to conclude next month, but that might be too quick of a turnaround to have Billy Butcher and the gang back on our screens before this year is out.

Seasons 1 and 2 began rolling out ten months after shooting ended, so if the next run of episodes sticks to that timeline, it could be next summer before The Boys are back. The subversive superhero series recently made history as the first comic book adaptation to land an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Drama Series, so it’s long since punctured the mainstream.

The good news is that the viral marketing campaign is already underway, and the latest is the Seven on 7 newscast detailing what’s been going on in the world since the end of Season 2. The bad news for Jack Quaid’s Hughie is that Starlight’s ex-boyfriend Supersonic is back on the scene, with the two having previously been romantically involved as part of the Young Americans when he was known as Drummer Boy, although history has shown we can never trust a clean cut Supe in this universe.

We also get updates on The Deep’s continued rebellion against the Church of the Collective and especially Fresca, A-Train’s comeback and Queen Maeve’s charity work, so there’s plenty of gaps set to be filled in, especially with the promise of a new Seven on 7 installment arriving on the seventh of each month right up until The Boys Season 3 premiere.