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Watch: ‘The Umbrella Academy’ blooper reel reveals how even superheroes aren’t perfect

Especially if you're wearing a skin-tight superhero suit.

Netflix’s much-awaited Tudum event is currently underway, and fans had been waiting with bated breath to get a peek at the fourth and sadly final season of The Umbrella Academy, even though the announcement was made just weeks ago. Apparently, positive thinking can only manifest so much as any updates about season four were a no-show at the online event. But that doesn’t mean that our favorite group of superheroes left us hanging. 

Emmy Raver-Lampman (Allison) and Aidan Gallagher (Five) took fans behind the scenes to have a look at the shenanigans that took place while shooting the third season that dropped earlier this year. Though the stakes were at an all-time high as the Umbrellas joined forces with their sworn enemies the Sparrows to save the universe, it is evident that the fictional tension didn’t do much to dampen the fun the cast had.

While fans will certainly find themselves wiping away tears of laughter thanks to the hilarious bloopers of the third season, there is no denying that hopes had been crushed here. Those associated with the show have been busy teasing the upcoming season and the loose threads left hanging by season three’s enigmatic conclusion. Showrunner Steve Blackman personally confirmed that the Ben we saw at the end was the Sparrow version, and revealed that the Hargreeves siblings, now powerless, will be facing new foes who want to see them “wiped out of existence.”

With Netflix being extremely stingy with revelations about the upcoming season, all we can do is rely on predictions, especially when it comes to its release date. Based on the almost two-year gaps between all the seasons so far, we can expect the fourth to hit the streamer sometime in early 2024. 

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