Watch: The Walking Dead Season 11 Promos Show First Look At Commonwealth

The fans have known the Commonwealth was on its way to The Walking Dead for the longest time, but due to both pandemic-related delays and just the show taking its sweet time with it, the mystery has been eked out over the past three years. But, with season 11 being the very last season, we’re finally about to get a proper introduction to the community, the biggest yet introduced in the TWD universe.

As season 11 kicks off next month, AMC has released a bunch of teaser trailers for the run that, while clocking in at only 15 seconds each, pack in a ton of footage, played at high speed. That’s just a challenge for fans to analyze each frame of the promos, though, to see what they can uncover. And one thing that’s notable about the teasers is that they offer our first look at the Commonwealth. Check out the “Survivor” trailer in the player above and then catch the others below:

The promos give us a good look at Mercer, a commander of the Commonwealth military who previously apprehended Eugene, Ezekiel, Yumiko and Princess in season 10B. The “Outnumbered” teaser also reveals what could be our first glimpse at Stephanie, Eugene’s mystery lady who he’s been contacting on the radio. This woman can be seen at the 0:08 mark and again, this time sitting with Eugene, at 0:09.

The Commonwealth arc is the final storyline explored in the comics, so fans know a little of what to expect, but mostly it’s all up in the air as the TV series went down such a tangent when it wrote out Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes. And, remember, season 11 will also deal with the Reapers, an original group of antagonists introduced in season 10C.

The Walking Dead season 11 consists of 22 episodes, though they will be released in chunks of eight. The first batch are set to premiere on AMC on Sunday, August 22nd, though here’s how you can watch the first episode early.