Watch: Trailer for ‘Sketchbook’ takes you to Disney’s drawing board


The trailer for the new Disney Plus series Sketchbook takes you to the drawing board with real animators from the legendary studio to teach you how to draw Disney’s most iconic characters.

The six-part series comes from the creators of Emmy-nominated Chef’s Table, and will cover how to draw everyone from Frozen‘s Olaf, to Aladdin‘s Genie, and everyone in between. Mirabel, from Disney’s latest megahit musical Encanto, will also have her own episode, among others.

Taking an intimate approach to the instructional documentary genre, Sketchbook peels back the gorgeous and colorful artwork of Walt Disney Animation Studios to reveal the work, and lives, of the talented artists who bring some of cinema’s most cherished characters to life.

Each episode centers around a single artist illustrating a character they either helped create, or that inspired them to want to be an artist with the House of Mouse. The approach to creating each illustration is broken down into easy-to-follow steps as we also discover a unique story of the artist’s connection to the chosen character, and what brought them to work for Disney.

“This series is an unprecedented look at what it takes to bring these beloved characters to life,” said Jason Sterman, the executive producer of the studio making the series, Supper Club, in a statement. “We are honored to feature this incredible group of artists who trusted us not only with presenting their skillset, but with sharing their personal, and often emotional, stories with the world.”

The show will hopefully encourage audience members to pick up the paper and pencil themselves when it hits Disney Plus April 27.