Watch: Vigilante wields a chainsaw in new ‘Peacemaker’ teaser


HBO Max is teasing the introduction of Freddie Stroma’s eager-to-impress Vigilante in the upcoming DC series, Peacemaker, which comes to the streaming platform later this week.

A spinoff from James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, a film that was released last summer to high critical and fan acclaim, the show will put John Cena’s title hero front and center. The chrome-helmeted Task Force X member is notorious for being willing to mow down any man, woman, or child, who gets in his way of achieving his mission of “peace.”

However, despite his morally dubious nature, Peacemaker is nevertheless idolized by busboy-turned-ruthless-killer, Adrian Chase, better known as Vigilante. It’s teased in this latest video that Vigilante’s all-too-eager persona makes him something of the odd man out in the show. However, it’s hinted that Peacemaker eventually warms up to the chainsaw enthusiast.

Peacemaker was a character who notably didn’t have much of an arc in The Suicide Squad, remaining largely the same cold-hearted bastard at the end of the film as he was at the beginning, despite many of the Task Force X antiheroes making a change toward a more noble path by the climax. As such, Gunn has hinted we’ll get more of an in-depth study of Christopher Smith in the spinoff.

If you need a recap of the film before watching Peacemaker, you can watch a hilarious in-character retelling of the events by the man himself, and Jennifer Holland’s Emilia Harcourt, right here. And if you want to learn more about Emilia, there’s a dedicated teaser spotlighting her character that you can also watch here.

Peacemaker comes to HBO Max Jan. 13, premiering its first three episodes and subsequent episodes coming out in weekly installments.