Watch: The Walking Dead Season 10C Trailer Teases Brand New Episodes

The Walking Dead

It looks like adversity really does breed excellence.

Like almost all TV shows, The Walking Dead has been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, which shut down post-production on season 10 just as it was nearing completion. According to EP Angela Kang, the conclusion of the Whisperer war was finished in “dribs and drabs” as VFX houses slowly reopened and the knock-on effect is that season 11 – the final run of the core show – has been delayed until 2022, a wait which runs the risk of killing off any momentum that’s been built up.

That’s where the upcoming season 10C fits in. These are six new episodes that will get under the skin of some of the show’s most popular characters. Kang revealed that the production had hired a military infectious disease specialist and epidemiologist to advise on how to get these installments in the can while dealing with shooting restrictions, saying:

“We rethought what sort of a continuation of this story that we can tell that that comes right off at the end of what was our planned finale, and then leads seamlessly into Season 11. We’ve been doing a deep dive into some of these characters. And, you know, telling these stories that are just sort of tailor-made for the time that we’re in, in terms of production realities.”

We’ve already seen stills from the new episodes and table reads of the scripts, but today we have our first proper trailer for season 10C and it’s looking like these outings are going to be something very special, especially as the writers are under less pressure to move the story forward and can focus on character moments and fleshing out their personalities.

I’m particularly excited for “Here’s Negan,” which will adapt Robert Kirkman’s acclaimed comic miniseries and show Negan’s first days in the apocalypse. Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s real-life wife Hilarie Burton Morgan is playing Lucille, who it seems certain will meet a tragic end and send Negan on the path to becoming the terrifying figure we all know and love.

The Walking Dead season 10C will begin airing on February 28th, 2021 with “Home Sweet Home” and wrap up with “Here’s Negan” on April 4th. However, if you’re an AMC Premiere subscriber, you can see all episodes three days earlier than the air date.