Watch: Yennefer and Tissaia reunite in new clip for ‘The Witcher’ season 2

While The Witcher primarily revolves around the life of the titular protagonist Geralt of Rivia, the fictional world of the Continent and its numerous characters also take up much focus throughout the seven-book saga.

Netflix is seemingly attempting to honor that aspect of the source material, as the second season of the live-action adaptation will not solely focus on the exploits of the White Wolf and his ward, Princess Cirilla. Indeed, it seems that the upcoming run will delve deeper into the politics of the Northern Kingdoms, at least so far as Yennefer’s role in them is concerned.

At the end of the first chapter, the powerful sorceress drew on an enormous amount of Chaos energy during the Battle of Sodden Hill to lay waste to the armies of Nilfgaard, seemingly burning herself out in the effort.

Where Yennefer will end up by the time season 2 is through is anyone’s guess, but a new sneak peek from one of the streaming juggernaut’s Twitter pages shows her reunion with Tissaia de Vries, the old mentor who used to teach new pupils at Aretuza.

To say that Yennefer and Tissaia’s relationship is strained would be sugarcoating the toxic dynamic at play here. The latter has always been something of a thorn in our favorite mage’s side and her sense of self-esteem. And now, after emotionally manipulating Yen to save their sorry backsides, Tissaia is immediately at it again, playing politics to rise through the ranks.

Hopefully, Yen will manage to rid herself of Aretuza’s influence and meet up with Geralt, the only true “reunion” that fans are eagerly waiting to see in The Witcher season 2 on Friday.