The Wayward Sisters Will Return In Supernatural Season 14


As wildly popular and successful as Supernatural has proven to be (it’s been renewed for a fourteenth season, after all), the seemingly immortal horror series has yet to produce a spinoff that’s made it beyond the backdoor pilot stage. So far, both “Bloodlines” and “Wayward Sisters” failed to gain enough traction with the fanbase as to allow for an offshoot, even if I assumed the latter was pretty much a lock.

Speaking of “Wayward Sisters,” those of you who tuned in for the eponymous episode earlier this year may remember how it left a certain plot thread dangling, that being the one involving Kaia’s evil doppelganger coming over from the universe dubbed “the Bad Place.” Had the show gotten picked up, we’d imagine she would’ve served as the big bad for the first season, but today’s news hints that she could return to wrap up her story arc on Supernatural itself.

While chatting with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Andrew Dabb shared this little nugget regarding what the horror series has in store:

“All of the characters are going to make their return one way or the other. We found a way to fold [them] organically into the plot line, and some of the hanging chads from the pilot last year ended up dovetailing nicely with some of the stuff Michael’s looking to do, and some of the stuff that’s going on in our world just generally. It all folds together pretty well, but they’ll definitely be in multiple episodes this season.”

Though it seems like seeing Jody Mills again at some point is pretty much a given, it’s nice to be provided reassurance concerning the company she keeps. Based on what Dabb had to say, they could each show up separately, but that’s much better than them being forgotten, if you were to ask me.

Supernatural returns for its fourteenth season on Thursday, October 11 on The CW.