Here’s How The Wayward Sisters Will Return To Supernatural


As wildly popular and successful as Supernatural has proven to be (it’s been renewed for a fourteenth season, after all), the seemingly immortal horror series has yet to produce a spinoff that’s made it beyond the backdoor pilot stage. So far, both “Bloodlines” and “Wayward Sisters” failed to gain enough traction with the fanbase as to allow for an offshoot, even if I assumed the latter was pretty much a lock.

Speaking of “Wayward Sisters,” the girls making up that particular lot are expected to return in full force at some point over the next year. In fact, a few specifics have just hit the web, so let’s discuss them, shall we?

While recently speaking with TV Line, executive producer and co-showrunner Andrew Dabb revealed that fan favorite actress Kim Rhodes will reprise her role as Jody Mills following “a mysterious death, when it turns out that she and Sam and Dean are looking for the same person,” and “that involves her in a case that has pretty big repercussions, Wayward-wise, going forward.”

Before I give my two cents, let’s take a look at the rest of what Dabb had to offer:

“We’re also going to see Donna later this season. And our hope is, toward the back half of the season, to see everyone together in a plotline that we think dovetails very nicely with our Supernatural storyline for the season. We’re not, like, taking a detour into Wayward world. [We’re] taking some of those characters who we love so much, and some of the ideas, and folding them into Sam and Dean’s story.”

Personally, I’m hoping that the person being pursued by Jody, Sam and Dean ends up being Kaia’s doppelganger from “the Bad Place,” because that plot thread really needs to be wrapped up since the Wayward Sisters spinoff didn’t get picked up. Beyond that, though, it looks like the gals will partake in entirely unrelated cases based on what Dabb had to say.

Supernatural returns for its fourteenth season on Thursday, October 11 on The CW. In the meantime, be sure to check out our review for season 13’s Blu-ray set.

Source: TV Line