WB Reportedly Developing Dumbledore Show With Jude Law For HBO Max

jude-law-young-dumbledore (1)

When the time inevitably comes for Warner Bros. to reboot Harry Potter, the smartest way to differentiate the new take from the beloved movies would be to adapt it as a TV series. One season per book gives the story more time to breathe, and would keep the fans happy by including details from the novels that were left out to stop the big screen outings from becoming too dense and unwieldy.

That won’t be happening for a while yet, though, with the studio still in the midst of the Fantastic Beasts spinoff franchise. Speaking of which, the third installment could make or break the cinematic Wizarding World after The Crimes of Grindelwald quickly gained the unwanted reputation of being the least popular entry by a wide margin from both a critical and commercial perspective, and the studio will be keen to arrest the alarming decline.

There’ve been rumors that if the numbers keep dropping, then the Fantastic Beasts series could be finished up on HBO Max, and we’re now hearing from our sources – the same ones that told us the Snyder Cut of Justice League and a Justice League Dark show would both be heading to the streaming service months before either was announced – that another idea being discussed behind the scenes is an HBO Max prequel series focusing on Jude Law’s younger version of Albus Dumbledore.

Opinion sways on whether Richard Harris or Michael Gambon was better as the Hogwarts headmaster, but having only appeared in a couple of scenes in Fantastic Beasts so far, where his role was largely to deliver exposition and be handsome, Law hasn’t yet been given the chance to put his own stamp on the character. As one of the most complicated and interesting names in the Harry Potter mythology, though, a TV show following Albus Dumbledore in between the events of Fantastic Beasts and Potter has massive potential, especially with a star like Jude Law in the title role.