WB Reportedly Seriously Considering Reviving Swamp Thing


Just a few months ago, Swamp Thing looked unlikely to have a future based on the many problems it experienced when on the DC Universe platform. However, the program is now getting a new lease of life via reruns on The CW, leading to various reports that further episodes of the prematurely canceled show could happen. In fact, this scenario may be closer to reality than we thought.

GeekosityMag are claiming that the solid ratings so far for Swamp Thing‘s reruns have led to serious discussions between the network and Warner Bros. about reviving the production. The first episode has delivered the largest audience for The CW since the launch of Stargirl in May, while its 90-minute slot as a whole generated their most impressive number of viewers since February.

I have to admit that, while there are lots of things to like about Swamp Thing, it did suffer from sluggish pacing and a tonally appropriate but sometimes difficult to watch dark color palette. Still, the prospect of a more adult-oriented and horror-themed series from DC is an intriguing one, especially given the performance of other DC Universe originals like Titans and Doom Patrol that seem to be heading to HBO Max. Indeed, the streamer could also wind up being the new home for Swamp Thing.

If The CW and WB do go ahead with new instalments of the show, it’s currently unknown whether the same creative team would be held over, or if there could be a revised format that includes Matt Ryan’s John Constantine. There’s been talk of a new Constantine-focused property for some time, of course, and given that everything from Justice League Dark to Zatanna is currently on the cards, Swamp Thing would easily fit into this section of the DC Universe.

Any progress on getting the show off the ground again, though, will depend on its continued ratings performance over the next few months, as it fills the gap left by the Arrowverse programming that’s been pushed back to early 2021. But tell us, what do you think of Swamp Thing‘s chances of a proper resurrection? As ever, let us know in the comments down below.