We might never see ‘Moon Knight’ director’s favorite Oscar Isaac scene

Moon Knight
Image via Marvel Studios

Moon Knight, the latest Disney Plus series to take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, concluded earlier this week, and fans and critics alike have been heaping praise upon everything from the tone to the performances, particularly of veteran actors Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke.

Isaac, who played the show’s titular protagonist, especially had his work cut out for him, as he spent the majority of the show portraying two different personalities in Marc Spector and Steven Grant. His deft execution did not go unnoticed; Isaac was a treat to watch the whole way through.

But, in director Mohamed Diab’s eyes, there’s one scene of Isaac’s that stands above the rest, and he was all too happy to reveal it in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Tragically, the scene was cut from the final product, so we viewers never got to witness it for ourselves.

“The irony is that my favorite scene of his got cut. It was in episode six. As great as everything else was, he actually topped it with something even better. He confronted his mom in a white void, and he was going back and forth between Marc and Steven. And oh my god. That scene by itself is an Oscar-worthy performance.”

“Hopefully, Marvel releases that scene one day because Oscar was a genius.”

Fans are equally as fond of Isaac’s performance, taking to Reddit since the season finale hit Disney Plus earlier this week.

Moon Knight is currently available to stream on Disney Plus.