We now know when to expect ‘Good Omens’ season 2 to release on Amazon Prime Video

Michael Sheen David Tennant Aziraphale Crowley Good Omens
Photo via Amazon Prime Video

While we’re still waiting on Netflix to renew The Sandman for a sophomore run already, Neil Gaiman’s other hit TV adaptation of one of his most beloved works is getting a second season over at streaming rival Amazon Prime Video. Apocalyptic comedy-drama Good Omens wowed audiences and critics back in 2019, with fans eager to see more of David Tennant’s Crowley the Demon and Michael Sheen’s Aziraphale the angel ever since. Now, at long last, we know when to expect their return.

As per the Good Omens panel at this weekend’s New York Comic-Con panel (via Collider), Good Omens season 2 is officially set to bless — or possibly damn — Prime Video in summer 2023. That’ll mark four whole years since the first run graced our screens, but no doubt it’ll be worth the wait. We’re lucky to be getting more episodes at all, of course, as the first batch already used up the plot of the 1990 novel of the same name, as written by Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.

In addition to the confirmation of its release window, the GO NYCC panel likewise offered some exciting casting updates. As previously promised, various castmembers from the first season will be back in fresh roles. For instance, Miranda Richardson is on board as Shacks, a demon who takes over Crowley’s position now he’s been fired by hell’s high-ups (or low-downs, as the case may be).

Maggie Service and Nina Sosanya are likewise returning as, well, Maggie and Nina, the owner of a record store neighboring Aziraphale’s bookshop, and a coffee shop proprietor with a messy love life. Meanwhile, Quelin Sepulveda is among the new additions, playing the role of a “nice” angel called Muriel who finally gets the chance to come to Earth after spending six thousand years on desk duty in heaven.

Prepare yourself for another Armageddon when Good Omens 2 gets here next summer.