Westworld Opens Its Doors With Evocative New Featurette And Promo

If you’re looking to cram in some last-minute homework on Westworld, the dark and dramatic sci-fi series hailing from showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, look no further than today’s all-new featurette.

Booked in for its long-anticipated premiere on Sunday, October 2, this insightful snippet essentially allows you to peer behind the curtain, as you bear witness to the nightmarish vision dreamed up by Dr. Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) where robotic hosts are engineered with the sole purpose of entertaining wealthy guests in an artificial, Western-themed amusement park. It’s a man-made union of the future and the reimagined past and is, quite frankly, a fascinating concept for any self-respecting sci-fi nut.


If that’s not enough to stir your interest, Westworld unfolds into a brooding thriller soon thereafter, with our glowing review lauding Nolan and Joy’s freshman drama as “an intense, intellectual, and genuinely insane work of sci-fi.”

Alongside the featurette below you’ll be able to find what is sure to be one of the last pre-release promos for Westworld, this time drawing attention to Maeve and Dolores, two androids that slowly begin to realize that everything around them is entirely fabricated. This is Robert Ford’s world; we’re all just living in it.

Live without limits. Westworld, riding the crest of a wave of stellar reviews, finally makes its bow via HBO on Sunday, October 2. It seems to herald the beginning of a new flagship at HBO, given those writers behind the serialized show have sketched up plans for five seasons.

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