When Will Westworld Season 4 Be Released?

Evan Rachel Wood in Westworld, Seaosn Three

It’s been over a year since Westworld left us on a massive cliffhanger at the end of season three.

The HBO series that first aired in 2016 has drawn audiences into its complex narrative dealing with the ideas of free will, fidelity, and much more. One thing that has kept fans eager for more has been the many twists thrown in amongst the series—and the ending of season three was no exception.

Those who stuck around to check out the final episode’s post-credits scene would have been treated to the death of one of the series major characters, an event that seemingly comes out of nowhere and has massive implications to the narrative going forward. So when can we expect to see more?

When will Westworld season 4 be released?

Westworld season four finally has a release date and the premiere will take place on June 26.

The news was shared along with a teaser for the season bringing back all of the main cast in a compilation of footage that keeps hidden the plot of the upcoming season.

Right now this is the only footage of the new season available, but as we approach its release a full trailer will likely surface providing more details on what the show’s plot will include.

In the meantime, fans can rewatch the first three seasons streaming on HBO Max. With how confusing the show can get at times, you’re bound to find something new on a rewatch that you may have missed during your first watch.

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