What If…? Fan Art Imagines Ant-Man Head In A Jar In Live-Action


Though What If…? offers a standalone alternate universe each week, the interconnectivity of the MCU has left fans wondering whether the variants of familiar characters introduced in the animated series could make the jump to live-action. One of the episode concepts that feels like it has strongest chance of being expanded elsewhere is the Marvel Zombies episode, a surprisingly close adaptation of the Robert Kirkman comic book.

Like Kirkman’s comics, this was a dark, apocalyptic version of the Marvel timeline, however there was some much-needed levity to it as well, thanks to the introduction of Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang as a head in a jar. In the source material, it’s Wasp who ends up a disembodied head, but What If…?‘s Scott turned out to be a stroke of genius, as fans instantly took to the Futurama-like scene-stealer.

And this new artwork pitches how Scott in a Jar could appear in live-action. From Instagram account elilusionista.cl, this artwork sees Scott propped up by the Cloak of Levitation. Strange’s cloak proved to be an invaluable ally to the surviving heroes in the episode, briefly being worn by Spider-Man before it helped the bodiless Scott get around after the team escaped from Vision and Zombie Scarlet Witch‘s hideout.

Check out the artwork below and view the original post here:

We’ll have to see whether any of these vast, new realities will be explored in live-action, but there’s a decent chance we’ll be seeing Scott in a Jar again on the animated show. Season 1 appears to be building up to a crossover episode which will bring together the heroes of the multiverse. What’s more, there remains the option for several episodes to get a sequel in season 2, which is already in the works, likely to arrive in 2022.

For the meantime, though, What If…? season 1 still has three episodes left to go. Catch them Wednesdays on Disney Plus.