When will ‘You’ season 4 part 2 release on Netflix?

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You has quickly cemented itself as one of the most popular thriller franchises in recent memory. Ever since the third season ended with the explosive episode, fans have been desperate to learn when the fourth season will land. After much waiting, we finally know when the show will return to screens.

What is You about?

Based on the novel by Caroline Kepnes, You hit screens in 2018. Initially broadcast on the Lifetime network, the series follows Joe Goldberg, a man who manages a bookstore. However, Joe has a dark side he keeps hidden from most people in his life: by night, he is a notorious serial killer. 

However, his life becomes even more complex when he meets and becomes obsessed with Guinevere Beck, an aspiring writer. This leads Joe down a dark path as his newfound obsession and his already existing dark side merge together. As the show progresses, his cycles of aggression and fixation become more intense as he finds new people to obsess over. On top of this, it becomes harder and harder to keep his nefarious deeds a secret. This forces those around him to adapt and for Joe to move around to avoid getting caught. 

Netflix describes season 4 of the show by saying:

“As fans of the show know, each season of You explores and subverts various genres as Joe searches for love. Season 1 was a classic stalker thriller, offering an irreverent take on tried-and-true rom-com tropes; Season 2 had more of a revenge motif and challenged traditional love-interest expectations, and Season 3 threw Joe into a domestic thriller — almost a suburban noir, complete with swinging neighbors. With Season 4, You transforms into a straight-up murder mystery a la Agatha Christie (or maybe Glass Onion). In other words, Joe’s life is going to become a lot more complicated, whether he wants it to or not.” 

When will season 4 of You be released? 

While the first season was on the Lifetime network, Lifetime canceled its order for a second season. This led to the show being acquired by Netflix. The company would order the second and third seasons, which landed in 2019 and 2021. The move to streaming helped the show immensely as it drew many new eyes to the series, leading to it developing a sizable and vocal fanbase. 

When the third installment launched, Netflix confirmed that it had ordered a fourth season. Filming started in March, meaning fans have been waiting quite a while to learn when they can become reacquainted with Joe and his dark side. This hype only grew more intense in September when Netflix unveiled a special preview of the upcoming season at their Tudum event, introducing fans to a load of new characters and the show’s new setting.

Thankfully, Netflix has finally confirmed when viewers can expect to see more of Joe’s adventures. The streaming giant has confirmed that the fourth season will debut on Feb. 9th, 2023. This season will be split into two batches, each consisting of five episodes. The first lands on February 9th, and the second will arrive on the platform on March 9, 2023. 

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