What treasures have actually been found on ‘Curse of Oak Island?’

Curse Of Oak Island
Image via A&E Networks

Curse of Oak Island is a popular and long-running reality show based on one of history’s most intriguing mysteries that has excited people since the early 1700s. After many seasons of work, what treasures have actually been found on Oak Island? 

What is ‘Curse Of Oak Island’ about?

Curse Of Oak Island first hit screens in 2014. The series follows Marty and Rick Lagina. These two brothers are from Kingsford, Michigan, and dedicate their time to finding treasures on the famous Oak Island. This island, in Nova Scotia, Canada, is the center of several myths that claim a grand treasure is hidden somewhere on or inside the island. 

Over the years, people have been said to have found loads of different objects on the island, and some have rumored that both the Knights Templar and legendary pirate Captain Kidd stashed their booty on the island, burying it in such a way that no one could ever find it. Some other myths suggest that other legendary and magical items, including the Ark of the Covenant, may be hidden somewhere on the island, waiting to be found. 

What have the Lagina’s found on Oak Island?

Alas, neither Lagina brother has found the Ark of the Covenant at the time of writing, nor have they found a massive treasure stash. Although during the show, they found many items during their search, coming from different regions and time periods. 

So far, the show has found: 

  • Maravedí coin with 1652 engraved on it – 17th Century- Season 1, Episode 5
  • Military button – 17th Century – Season 2, Episode 2
  • Coin (suspected to be a Maravedi) – 17th Century, Season 2, Episode 2
  • Britannia coins – 17th Century – Season 2, Episode 3
  • Coin featuring the logo of The Knights Templar – Season 2, Episode 5 
  • Copper ring – Season 4, Episode 6
  • Coin – Season 4, Episode 6
  • Coins with George II’s face- 18th Century – Season 4, Episode 8
  • Dandy button – 18th Century – Season 4, Episode 8
  • Name tag – Season 4, Episode 8
  • A button from British military uniform- 17th or 18th century – Season 4, Episode 15
  • Treasure chest hinge- 17th or 18th century – Season 4, Episode 15
  • Maravedi Coin cut into a quarter – Season 5, Episode 2
  • English coins featuring King Charles II and the dates 1673 and 1694 – 17th Century – Season 5, Episode 3
  • Coin – 17th Century – Season 5, Episode 8
  • Lead cross – Dated between the 1200s and the 1600s, with one historian guessing its from the 13th century – Season 5, Episode 10
  • Keyhole plate with floral design – Season 5, Episode 15 
  • Silver brooch with rhodolite garnet – 1500s or 16000s – Season 5, Episode 16 
  • Copper cartwheel twopence coin featuring the image of King George III – 1797 – Season 6, Episode 1
  • Gold brooch with leaded glass center – 14th century or earlier, Season 6, Episode 1
  • A Roman pilum/Crossbow bolt – Season 6, Episode 3 – If it is the former, then this is the oldest treasure found on Oak Island. 
  • French grenadier’s cap badge – 1700s – Season 6, Episode 5
  • Cloisonné decoration – Season 6, Episode 18
  • British half-penny coin – 19th century- Season 7, Episode 4
  • Rope and leaf broach – Season 7, Episode 4
  • Floral Metal Ring – Made pre-1730 – Season 7, Episode 19
  • Shards of Hand-painted pottery – Season 8, Episode 14
  • Unidentified coin – 17th Century – Season 9, Episode 11
  • Gold – Season 9, Various Episodes – While not a treasure in the truest sense, the island has turned up several deposits of metal that contain a surprising amount of gold, suggesting something may be hiding in the soil.