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When does season 5, episode 8 of ‘Yellowstone’ air on Paramount?

We can hardly wait.

Yellowstone fans are dealing with something unique for the first time in five seasons of Paramount’s number one series: a midseason finale. This season is being split into two parts for a couple of reasons: one of which is that it’s longer than any previous season, clocking in with 14 episodes. The midseason finale will end with the conclusion of episode eight, and fans are wondering how to watch it.

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Christmas fell on Sunday this year, and fans expected to see a new episode of Yellowstone air, but they saved it for another holiday instead. That didn’t mean fans were without Yellowstone for Christmas; Paramount still aired a marathon of episodes to celebrate the holiday with.

It also gave us an extra week to look forward to a new episode before the series presses pause. The break between halves gives fans time to soak in everything we’ve experienced so far. At the same time, it provides the brains and brilliance behind the operation time to create a powerful second half to an already wild set of episodes.

Taylor Sheridan always writes mesmerizing material, leading us on a roller coaster of emotions, but there’s something different about the storytelling this season: it’s intense, and it’s layered — both things were used to as fans of the series, but it’s also exploring new planes of existence. The Dutton family is growing and evolving this season, and with John Dutton as Governor of Montana, his list of enemies continues to grow. From friends to frenemies and trusted employees to traitors, there’s a lot on the menu for the second half of the season once we say goodbye to the first.

So, when can you see Jamie begin his next attack on John Dutton? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

When does season five, episode eight air?

Yellowstone will air episode eight of season five, “A Knife and No Coin,” on Jan. 1. That’s right, after soaking in a marathon from now through the New Year, we can ring it in right by sitting down to watch a new episode of our favorite cowboy drama. Of course, the episode will air on Paramount in its regular time slot, depending on your time zone.

There’s been no date shared for the return of the series after the midseason finale, but we’re hoping to get that information when the episode airs on Sunday evening, and we’ll keep you posted once we find out.

What should fans expect to see in season five, episode eight?

As the preview for the upcoming episode teases, fans should anticipate a fire starting from the inside. Jamie Dutton is ready to impeach his father as Governor of Montana, and while he’s acting like the reasons are for the state’s good, fans know they are overwhelmingly selfish in nature. Jamie wants the life John has, and he’s not afraid to play dirty to get it.

Working alongside Sarah Atwood, Jamie has even more fuel to his fire this time around, as she is working with Market Equities to take John Dutton down. Everyone wants what John has, but they don’t realize that attaining it means gathering the enemies of John Dutton too. The “bad guys” won’t stop coming after everything they’ve been fighting toward just because one of his villains takes over. So let’s give this as an example: Market Equities get what they want, and somehow they take over. Do they really expect they won’t receive the same evil knocking down their door? They’d be hard-pressed to think otherwise, but the villains aren’t even looking at the bigger picture; they’re just trying to figure out the right now.

Of course, we should also expect to see Beth waging a war against Jamie for the things he continues to put the Dutton family through. In fact, we get a preview of it as Beth is seen talking to John, reminding him that Jamie is declaring war on their family. He tells her he knows as much, but it still needs to be addressed. Jamie isn’t acting like a member of their family, and John has to stop seeing him as one now. Of course, that’s easier said than done for the patriarch; even in their darkest moments, they’ve still been family to one another.

We’re also crossing our fingers that we get some sweet moments between Rip and Beth because we can’t ever get enough of those. There will be fight and fire, pain and despair, and a lot of struggle on the horizon.

Where can you catch up on the rest of season five?

From noon until 11 pm every day until the new episode airs, fans will be able to see the story of Yellowstone in its entirety, so if you’ve missed anything along the way or if you’re looking for an excuse to shut out the world and live like a Dutton, this is your chance.

You’ll be able to see the story from the beginning, as the marathon started today, and enjoy it all in its entirety once more. Don’t forget to pay close attention to the relationships between the family and those who dare to stand against it; they’re going to be more critical by the episode, especially this season when there’s so much at stake. Here’s to Yellowstone, the Dutton family, and their enemies; may they always fail at their feeble attempts to shake John Dutton.

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