Where is Hunter Moore now? ‘The Most Hated Man on the Internet’ whereabouts, explained

Hunter Moore
Photo via Netflix

You know that crippling feeling when you log on to your Twitter account, post something incredibly thoughtless, and receive tons of backlash that spawns people claiming they “hate” you — well, Hunter Moore knows that feeling of disdain better than anyone. In fact, for years now, the 36-year-old Sacramento native has been referred to as “the most hated man on the Internet” — and yes, he actually takes pride in that hideous title. And if the crafty misfit had not made enough of a splash on the worldwide web, a new thought-provoking documentary on Netflix is inviting eagle-eyed subscribers to behold the terrifying story surrounding Hunter Moore, and where he is today.

Who is Hunter Moore?

via Netflix

Back in 2010, Moore, who notably refers to himself as a “professional life ruiner,” started up the controversial website Is Anyone Up? — a revenge porn site where disgruntled lovers were given the opportunity to send in their ex’s nude photos to Moore. Over the course of nearly two years, Moore successfully humiliated and dehumanized a multitude of young lives, all without a trace of remorse. To top it all off, Moore would deny requests and pleas made from victims for him to remove the photos from the web.

However, in 2015, Moore’s success — if you can call it that — came to a screeching halt after it was revealed in a thorough FBI investigation that Moore had hired an experienced hacker to hack into the emails of victims and steal the nude images for his site’s own personal benefit.

One of the driving forces behind the start of the investigation was activist Charlotte Laws who, after discovering that her daughter’s pictures were stolen via her email and posted on the site, spoke to other victims and gathered extensive evidence to be used against Moore. The investigation eventually worked, leading to Moore’s arrest, and him ultimately selling the website.

Where is Hunter Moore now?

After serving time in prison from 2015 to 2017, Moore was eventually released in May 2017 — but his hatred from folks online was very far from over. While his exact whereabouts now remain unknown, Moore has definitely capitalized off of his name value, and eventually wrote a book about the ordeal back in 2018 titled ​​Is Anyone Up? The Story of Revenge Porn.

On the social media side of things, Moore remains active on his Twitter account, and has even been throwing shade at the Netflix documentary over the last few weeks — although his Instagram account has been inactive since 2014. Additionally, he is banned from Facebook, and decided not to take part in the Netflix documentary, despite initially agreeing to participate.

The Most Hated Man on the Internet is available to stream now on Netflix.