Where Is Outlander Filmed?


It’s a rare television series that can make you stop in tracks just to marvel at their visuals. In the Stars! original series Outlander, majestic landscapes are almost as enticing as the plot. The fictional period piece follows a World War 2 nurse who is carried back in time while visiting Scotland with her husband and winds up in the year 1743. As the show goes on and the story unfolds, the setting might eventually take a backseat to the dramatic story of romance and adventure. But still, those backdrops are always there, adding a gorgeous backdrop to the series. So where is it filmed?

Where was Outlander filmed?

All five seasons of Outlander were filmed on location in Scotland at different historical buildings and locations. For those planning a holiday to experience it for themselves, Visit Scotland has created an interactive map that shows where each episode was filmed within the beautiful countryside of Scotland.


Unfortunately, the map hasn’t been updated for season five, but you’ll still have plenty to plan your trip around with the information from the first four seasons. Some of the key locations include Newhailes House in East Lothian, Ariston House in Midlothian, Dunkeld Hour Hotel in Perthshire, and Dunure Harbour in South Ayrshire.

Outlander has been renewed for a sixth season and the filming was completed earlier this year. Last Stars spoke about the upcoming season they mentioned that its current scheduled release will take place early in 2022. With more episodes should come some more stunning visuals from what Scotland’s countryside has to offer.