Where to watch ‘Umbrella Academy’ season 3

Image via Netflix

Teasers for the third season of The Umbrella Academy are starting to trickle onto social media, stirring up interest in the upcoming season.

No official release date has been announced yet, for the quirky superhero show’s third season, but fans know to expect it at some point in 2022. Given the lack of any major teasers or trailers, it likely won’t arrive for at least a few months yet. Our best bet puts its release somewhere in the mid-to-late months of 2022, likely after the Independence Day holiday.

Where to watch Umbrella Academy season 3

The third season of Umbrella Academy will, like previous seasons, be streamable on Netflix. It will arrive in its entirety on the platform when the season drops, allowing fans to enjoy every episode in a single sitting if they so wish. Considering how captivating the first two seasons were, chances are good that some fans will do just that.

The show’s second season set up an exciting new premise for the members of the Umbrella Academy, ripping them out of their own timeline and thrusting them — in the final moments of season 2 — into an alternate world. Season 2 left off with the siblings using a briefcase to jump back to their current timeline, landing them on April 2, 2019, one day after the apocalypse.

The Hargreeves mansion is still standing when they arrive, indicating that Vanya, Five, and the rest finally managed to stop the apocalypse from happening. When they enter the mansion, however, they begin to notice that things are off. The mantle is adorned with a painting of Ben, rather than Five, and Reginald Hargreeves — the siblings’ father — is still alive. He then reveals to them that they’ve arrived at “the Sparrow Academy,” before a fresh team — helmed by an alternate version of Ben — appear to question their arrival.

The next season seems poised to once again mix up the setting for the Hargreeves kids, keeping viewers guessing with its bold and quirky approach to storytelling. Posters revealing the official members of the Sparrows arrived on social media at the outset of 2022, ramping up interest in the upcoming season, and spurring conversations about what fans hope to see next.