Who is Buster Welch on Yellowstone?

Image via Paramount Network

Paramount’s Yellowstone is the talk of the social media sphere, with new episodes of the series airing every Sunday. The show has garnered quite a fan base among those who understand ranch life and those who have never experienced it a day in their lives. 

The draw of Yellowstone is everything from the setting and scenery to the characters and the stories that twist, intertwine, and set some of them down treacherous paths. You find yourself rooting for certain characters and waiting for others to go for a ride to the train station with Rip. 

Some of them are around for the long haul, and others have a brief life on the series, but there’s an impact from each person who graces the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. A new character on Yellowstone appeared in Sunday’s episode and he’s actually a fascinating man.

Who is Buster Welch?

Welch appeared on Yellowstone at the 6666 Ranch and was introduced to our beloved Jimmy, who was sent to work there until he’s ready to return to Yellowstone. For Welch, that was like returning to an old stomping ground.

He worked at the 6666’s as well as Pitchfork Ranch, King Ranch, and the Long X Ranch as he grew up. Welch always knew he wanted to be a rancher, working hard in various jobs on the ranch. That dedication, alongside his talent, also allowed him to become a renowned cutting horse trainer.

As noted on Wikipedia via various sources, in 2014, Buster Welch was inducted into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame. He has been inducted into the NCHA Members Hall of Fame, National Cutting Horse Association Riders Hall of Fame, and Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame. He won the 2012 National Golden Spur Award, the NCHA World Championship Futurity five times, and the NCHA World Championship four times.

So it’s no surprise that a show where ranchhands are a critical part of the stories and where Jimmy is supposed to be learning a valuable lesson, or several, Welch had a role to play in it. He is a big part of the history of ranching and undoubtedly crucial to the 6666’s.

During the 5th episode of Yellowstone’s 4th season, where Welch appears, Jimmy has fallen asleep and awakens to a conversation between two men. His interest is piqued when he hears their topic of discussion, and that’s when Jimmy is officially introduced to Welch. Welch plays himself on the series and the man he’s sitting next to is another pop culture icon (and favorite of any One Tree Hill fan) Barry Corbin, who plays a man named Ross.

Fans will continue to see Jimmy at the 6666’s ranch, and we’re hoping to see a bit more of Welch and Ross, too. Did you notice the guest star on Sunday’s episode? Did you know Welch’s history before watching the episode of Yellowstone? Let’s talk about it.