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Who is Ke Huy Quan playing in ‘Loki’ season 2?

Who is OB, Marvel's newest TVA agent?

Ke Huy Quan Loki Season 2
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With the release of the first full-blown trailer for Loki season 2, many fans were delighted to see the first look for Oscar winner Ke Huy Quan in the Marvel series that represents one of Disney Plus’ finest efforts. However, who is Quan’s character, exactly?

In terms of official information that has been released in Marvel blogs, press releases, and social media posts, information about Quan’s character is still largely left up to speculation. However, there are a couple of things we know for sure from the trailer alone that adds new context to previous rumors about his character.

Marvel’s newest TVA worker

Image via Disney Plus

One thing that is clear is that Quan’s character is called “OB,” a nickname that Owen Wilson’s Mobius calls Quan’s character in the trailer. Mobius and Tom Hiddleston’s Loki are trying to get help from OB due to the God of Mischief’s time slipping. Just as they walk up to OB’s desk, Loki once again blinks away. When Mobius asks OB if there is anything to do about time slipping, he says it’s futile to try to fix: “It’s impossible to time slip in the TVA.”

Given Quan’s knowledge about how the Time Variance Authority works and that he is standing behind a desk labeled “Repairs and Advancements,” it’s a safe assumption to make that OB is a TVA worker himself. In terms of what that specific role is, that is still up for debate, but speculation has suggested everything from technician to archivist (per Collider). Either one sounds fairly plausible given that OB can be seen in a warehouse-type setting with what looks like a number of gadgets on shelves behind him. He is also wearing a mechanic’s jumpsuit, which would further lend credence to the theory that he is a technician of some kind.

Could OB be short for Ouroboros?

Image via Disney Plus

Rumors have swirled for months now that Quan’s character is called Ouroboros. Hollywood scoop-gatherer Daniel Richtman even said as much on his Patreon account, equating Ouroboros to Q from the James Bond franchise in that he is “in charge of all the tech” at the TVA (via The Direct). Again, this hasn’t been officially confirmed by Marvel, but the presence of the nickname OB and the shelves of what looks like gadgets seen in the trailer certainly points to these rumors being confirmed.

If that weren’t enough, there is also a character called Mr. Orobourous in Marvel comics. He is one of many variations and clones of Mobius that make up the middle management of the TVA, alongside other examples like Mr. Tesseract and Mr. Paradox, according to She-Hulk #3.

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