Who is the actor that plays Garrett Randall on Yellowstone?

Kevin Costner in the lead role for Yellowstone.
Image via Paramount Network

Yellowstone always has fans wondering who to trust on Kevin Costner’s drama series. After a two-episode season 4 premiere, viewers are obsessing over the new greedy and corrupt family, residents of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Think Succession, but with more cowboy hats and murder.

Spoilers ahead for season 3 and 4 of Yellowstone; you might want to exit now if you aren’t caught up on the series yet.

Garrett Randall is a name you might not be very familiar with and might not have caught at all if you weren’t paying attention. The character is a recent addition to the Yellowstone community, but his name is certainly not one to forget.

He’s also on track to become one of the most reviled denizens ofYellowstone altogether. So just how did he show up on the scene and who is the man behind the soon-to-be hated character in town?

Let’s take a look.

Who plays Garrett Randall?

The actor who plays Randall is Will Patton, who you’ve undoubtedly seen him in several roles before. From Remember The Titans and The Forever Purge to Halloween and No Way Out, he’s known for carrying his characters with power, dedication, and an unspoken drive that capture your attention and never lets go. 

While Patton typically plays likable characters, that doesn’t seem to be the case in Yellowstone — at least not since the shocking discovery in the last moments of the most recent episode.

As fans know, the show revealed in its third season that Jamie isn’t a Dutton by blood, he was adopted soon after birth and became a member of the family. That information remained a secret until he needed a copy of his birth certificate. As tensions were already running high in the Dutton family, this news truly sent him over the edge.

Who is Garrett Randall?

Randall is, you guessed it, Jamie’s biological father and the man who murdered his mother. In jail, Randall met the man who staged the tragic attacks on the Dutton family and ranch at the end of season 3.

Fans just found out about his tie to the attacks via the last nail-biting moments of Yellowstone’s episode titled “Winning or Learning” alongside Jamie himself.

This is where the true question of loyalty will lie. What will Jamie do with the knowledge that his biological father tried to take out his family? Is it possible that he already knew? How far will Jamie go to right what he feels is a wrong?

Those answers and more will be answered as season 4 of Yellowstone progresses.