Who Narrates The Circle?

The Circle

Netflix has bolstered its roster with plenty of unique reality shows over the years, but one of the more obscure and most popular has been The Circle. The reality series, which brings together a handful of contestants to live amongst one another while never actually coming face-to-face, has become one of the platform’s most beloved series.

During the show, contestants communicate through an app with the goal of becoming popular among their peers and not being voted out of “The Circle.” As you can imagine, when players are able to mask their identities behind the screen, quite a few unique personas come to the forefront, with winning relying heavily on validation from fellow cast members.

While the contestants are for the most part unknowns, the show is led by one star who acts as the narrator for the series, walking us through what’s going on in The Circle.

Who Narrates The Circle?

Michelle Buteau

The star who has narrated all three seasons of Netflix’s The Circle is American stand-up comedian Michelle Buteau.

Buteau is no stranger to the big or small screen, having appeared in quite a few different TV series like Rick and Morty and First Wives Club as well as movies like Always Be My Maybe, Happiest Season, and Isn’t It Romantic. She’s also appeared in plenty of sketch comedy shows over the years including Key & Peele and The Eric Andre Show.

If you’re looking for more of Buteau after watching The Circle, you can check out her comedy special Welcome to Buteaupia, which was produced by and is available to stream on the service.