Will Jessica Jones Season 2 Feature Multiple Villains?


Similar to Matt Murdock’s crusade against Wilson Fisk (AKA Kingpin), Marvel’s inaugural season of Jessica Jones had Krysten Ritter’s whiskey-drinking superhero locking horns with a single nemesis in David Tennant’s tormented, bat-shit crazy Kilgrave.

It laid the foundation for a compelling string of episodes, allowing the dynamic between Ritter and Tennant to develop organically as viewers became entwined in their twisted relationship. Indeed, that’s an arc that Jessica Jones season 2 will actively avoid in fear that the new antagonist will fail to live up to the standard Tennant already set so high. But according to Rachael Taylor – who is set to reprise her role of Trish – that could open up the game for multiple villains.


Entertainment Weekly quizzed the Aussie actress recently about Jessica Jones and the core, sisterly dynamic at the heart of Marvel and Netflix’s series, and here’s what she had to say:

“That is the core relationship in the piece,” she said. “It is about female friendship, it is about how friends evolve — they’re sisters, really — and it’s about how they evolve and ping off each other. I’m interested in relationships, whether they be romantic, or family, or friends, or professional — that’s what’s interesting to me, is Jessica in relationship to people.”

And though the pair combined to stop Kilgrave in his tracks, there are new enemies to confront on the streets of Hell’s Kitchen.

“Or antagonists, plural. No one is ever going to beat David Tennant as Kilgrave, so you don’t do that. The biggest mistake would be to try to repeat that. You just go, ‘OK, we’re not doing that, so we have this open to us.'”

With Iron Fist, The Defenders and possibly Jon Bernthal’s Punisher spinoff on course to premiere in 2017 – Netflix is trying to pump out its series faster, remember – Jessica Jones season 2 is unlikely to arrive anytime before 2018.

Source: EW

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