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Will Luke Skywalker appear in ‘Andor’ and where is he when ‘Andor’ takes place?

Could the young Skywalker make an appearance?

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Star Wars fans are brimming with anticipation for the debut of the franchise’s latest epic.

Andor is set to debut on Disney Plus on Sept. 21, and fans can hardly contain their excitement. The upcoming series takes aim at a thus-far unexplored moment in the Star Wars timeline, and orients itself around a hugely popular fan-favorite. Departing from the Skywalker-centric storylines of many existing Star Wars creations, Andor instead takes aim at one of the leads from 2016’s Rogue One, and dives into his life in the years before he fought for the Rebel Alliance.

Fans are still uncertain about what precisely to expect from Andor, but given Rogue One‘s ending (spoiler alert: he doesn’t make it), it’s clear that the show is intended as a prequel. As hype for the show’s debut continues to ramp up, eager fans have a few questions about who may make an appearance in the Disney Plus show. Could fan favorites like Luke Skywalker make an appearance in the upcoming series, or will the longtime Star Wars vet be absent from Andor?

Will Luke Skywalker be in Andor?

Reports indicate that the series will take place around five years before the events of Rogue One. That situates it around five years before the events of A New Hope as well, given that Rogue One‘s story essentially serves as a direct lead-in to the story in A New Hope. This is a fitting placement for the series, as it allows for the time between the prequel trilogy and original trilogy to further flesh out, but it doesn’t invite many cameos from returning characters.

A few favorites, like Ahsoka and even Leia, are active enough in Empire space to potentially get a shout-out in Andor, but the same cannot be said for Luke. The protagonist of the original trilogy was 19 at the start of A New Hope, and at that time had experienced little of the wider galaxy. Much of Luke’s backstory is built around his modest upbringing, and his lack of experience outside of Tatooine.

If estimations about Andor‘s timeline are correct, Luke would be around 14 when the story takes place. This makes it all but impossible for the character to make an appearance in the upcoming series, despite high fan hopes for a Skywalker cameo.

Where is Luke when Andor takes place?

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During the time period in which Andor is set, Luke would still be laboring away on his uncle’s moisture farm. It’s set several years before Leia’s plea yanks Luke and Obi-Wan off of the desert planet and plunges them into the war between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire. Far from the cameras and action of the upcoming series, fans can be content knowing that Luke is happily shooting womp rats and avoiding his duties on uncle Owen’s farm.

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