Will Stranger Things Season 2 See The Return Of Doctor Brenner?


Matthew Modine’s Dr. Brenner may return for Stranger Things season 2 after all, if a cryptic Instagram post from Modine is any indication.

In many ways, the conspiracy surrounding Brenner and Indiana’s Energy Department formed the narrative spine of Stranger Things season 1, introducing viewers to both Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven – a character that was physically and mentally tortured all in the name of ‘science’ – and the Upside Down, a paranormal realm that housed the show’s otherworldly Demogorgon. Indeed, it was that very creature that appeared to kill Dr. Brenner at the tail-end of season 1, swallowing him whole without so much as breaking stride, but it looks certain that Modine’s creepy human villain will be back this fall, as there’s “more to be revealed, uncovered.”

Per Instagram:

#strangerthings season two #upsidedown @milliebobbybrown …more to be revealed, uncovered.

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More to be “revealed/uncovered” leads us to believe that Modine’s Instagram post is actually in reference to Eleven. Let’s not forget that Brown’s superpowered character was last seen in the company of the Demogorgon, too, indicating that, at the very least, Eleven and Dr. Brenner crossing paths while in the Upside Down isn’t out of the question.

Stranger Things season 2 is booked in for a Halloween premiere on Netflix. Wary of overstaying their welcome, co-creators Matt and Ross Duffer have mapped out a tentative arc that will take the show to four or five seasons, at which point they’ll be ready to bring the curtain down on Will Byers and Co. once and for all. Better to cancel yourself than have a network pull the plug due to lowly reviews, right?