Will there be a second season of ‘Moon Knight?’

moon knight

Marvel’s latest series drops on Disney Plus in less than a day, delighting fans across the globe.

The first season of Moon Knight is highly anticipated by fans of the comic book character and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, all of whom are captivated by the potential the series presents. The upcoming six-part season has been teased as a massive departure for the MCU, delving into territory as-yet unexplored in the popular cinematic universe.

Excitement for season one is already prompting questions about a potential second season as fans predict their inevitable obsession with the series. If it really is as popular as everyone expects it to be, will there be a second season of Moon Knight?

Will there be a Moon Knight season two?

moon knight

Rumors about Moon Knight‘s first season started circulating years before the show was actually set to drop. The character was discussed as a potential addition to the Marvel cinematic lineup as early as 2006, with recurring conversations about a potential show cropping up frequently over the following years. As early as 2016, the team at Marvel Studios began developing a plan for the character, and by 2018 Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige was openly discussing him as a future addition to the MCU. Development of Moon Knight officially began sometime in late 2019 after years of back-and-forth.

It’s safe to say that the process of creating a series like Moon Knight is a long one, and the decision surrounding a potential season two could follow suit. If the first season does well, however, fans may not have long to wait.

One of Marvel’s darker forays into the grittier corners of its cinematic world, Moon Knight is expected to be a mind-blowing and captivating series that touches on a number of complex and mature topics. Oscar Isaac is a thoroughly well-liked actor with excellent skills on screen, as are his costars Ethan Hawke, May Calamawy, and Lucy Thackeray.

As of now, only the first season of Moon Knight has been confirmed, according to Inverse. Any news of a potential second season is currently held tight to Marvel’s chest, but will likely be shared following the first season’s debut. If you’re a Moon Knight fan hoping for several seasons of content, the best thing you can do is tune into each episode of the first season — which drop weekly on Wednesdays starting March 30 — to show that there is plenty of interest in an ongoing series.