Awesome Witcher Fan Art Imagines Mads Mikkelsen As Geralt

The Witcher

Before Henry Cavill was cast as Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s The Witcher, Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen was a fan favorite choice to take up the mantle of the White Wolf in live-action.

Of course, since then, the star behind the DCEU’s Man of Steel has proved all his naysayers wrong by delivering on all fronts, giving us an iteration of Geralt that not only succeeds at imitating his established persona in different media but also feels grounded and relatable as a character. Still, folks can’t help but wonder what Mikkelsen could’ve done with the role had he been given the opportunity.

I mean, for one thing, his facial features strongly resonate with Andrzej Sapkowski’s description of Geralt in the novels. Additionally, when you take a closer look at some of his previous parts, he actually appears every bit as stoic, calculated, and experienced as the monster hunter we’ve all grown to love, whereas Cavill opted to portray him with the energy and vigor of a younger man.

If you find yourself wondering about the possibility every now and again like us, then we’ve got some good news. 3D artist Wonki Cho has recently imagined the Hannibal actor in the apparel of a Witcher, and the result, as you can see below, is spectacular to behold.

Mikkelsen could no doubt put a unique spin on the titular protagonist, but luckily, Cavill’s charismatic portrayal has pretty much sold him to us as Geralt. Besides, considering Netflix’s decision to give us a more lighthearted version of the rather grim fantasy tale, he might have been the perfect choice after all.

Tell us, though, what are your thoughts on the Hannibal star as the Rivian hero? And if given the chance, which one of the cast members would you replace with another actor? Sound off in the usual place below.