The Witcher Season 2 Set Pics Reveal Nilfgaardian Armor Hasn’t Changed


The first season of Netflix’s The Witcher, while overwhelmingly popular with audiences around the world, had its share of flaws and shortcomings, so it’d only make sense that fans expect to see an overhaul as the cast and crew enter pre-production on the next chapter of Geralt’s journey in the world of the Continent.

The new live-action adaptation has proven to be a huge success for Netflix and its business format. Simply put, everyone’s loving Henry Cavill’s portrayal of the White Wolf of Rivia. Taking this unanimous support from the fandom into account, and the increase in revenue for the franchise as a whole, the future is bright for The Witcher saga. But even then, the show’s first outing had many flaws and fans, to this point, haven’t failed to vocally point them out.

Namely, many people had difficulty putting up with the confusing timeline and some pointed out several inconsistencies in the narrative when compared to the source material. To the producers’ credit, though, they’re willing to hear you out, and Lauren Hissrich has promised that they’re going to fix their mistakes.

One of these mistakes, in particular, plagued the show even before its debut. The Nilfgaardian armor, which has since been referred to as ‘scrotum armor’ for the uncanny resemblance, caught a lot of fire until Hissrich told us that they were going to change it for season 2. Now, Redanian Intelligence, a reliable source of Witcher info, has leaked set photos (seen via the link below) that show the design hasn’t changed yet.

It would seem that the first scenes being filmed in the second season take place in Nilfgaard and photos of costume tests for extras reveal the armor hasn’t changed despite the showrunner’s assurance. Of course, it’s possible that they’re using these old costumes for some of the earlier scenes in the season, probably flashbacks, to change it later when Nilfgaardian soldiers show up again, but at this point, we can’t say for sure.

The story has the perfect excuse, though. In the novels, after his disgraceful defeat at the Battle of Sodden Hill, the Emperor of Nilfgaard retreats to prepare for another massive invasion of the Northern Kingdoms, which could prove to be a valuable plot development since the show wants to change the armor.

At any rate, we’ll have to wait and see if the new design manages to appeal to fans or at the very least, compete with CDPR’s exquisite design in Wild Hunt when The Witcher returns with another season in 2021.