Netflix’s The Witcher Has Caused A Huge Surge In Sales For The Franchise

The Witcher

The first season of The Witcher on Netflix grew to worldwide popularity almost overnight, shattering records and bringing in huge numbers for the streaming juggernaut, but since fans will have to wait a while until season 2, other Witcher-related media and products have also experienced a big surge in sales.

Whether it’s the irresistible charisma of Henry Cavill’s Geralt or the production team’s laudable job in bringing the world of the Continent to life in a visually stunning and viscerally intimate way, the new live-action adaptation of The Witcher saga by Andrej Sapkowski is one of the most popular TV shows in recent memory, perhaps even worthy of recognition as the true successor to HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Fans simply can’t get enough of the White Wolf of Rivia and his adventures in the volatile lands of the Northern Kingdoms as a vagrant monster-hunter. But since the second season has just entered pre-production, it’ll be a while before we see Cavill and the rest of the cast dress up as our favorite characters again. That’s why fans are eagerly consuming all things Witcher to quench their thirst.

In fact, according to a new report from the NPD Group, Netflix’s series had an immediate impact on the book revenue in the US market during the two weeks following its premiere, marking a 562% increase from the same period in 2018. As the report indicates, this surge was primarily driven by The Last Wish, a collection of short stories which the first season is based on.

Of course, the surge is not just limited to the novels. If we include the newly released Nintendo Switch version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, physical copy sales for CDPR’s game were up 554% from last year and even without it, there was still a 63% upswing. Now, let’s not forget, this isn’t even taking the digital sales into account, which could amount to a lot since the game’s popularity on Steam has significantly increased over the past two months.

Tell us, though, did you get the chance to catch up with The Witcher on Netflix? And if so, did you also check out the novels and the video games as well? Sound off in the usual place below!