Henry Cavill Offers An Update On The Witcher Season 2


There isn’t much you can do other than wait if you’ve already binge-watched the first season of The Witcher on Netflix, but Henry Cavill is here to give fans an update on what’s next for Geralt of Rivia.

While The Witcher franchise was already recognized in the world courtesy of CD Projekt’s trilogy of video games, we didn’t expect the new live-action adaptation to be as successful as it is now. Granted, the show isn’t perfect, and the confusing timeline has put off many people, and even diehard fans need explanations for certain narrative elements, but one consistently brilliant thing throughout the first season was Cavill’s portrayal of Geralt, for which he received unanimous praise.

Now, we know that the second season is already in the works, but how far into the production are the cast and crew? Well, it would seem that Cavill is already back from his Christmas break to start working on the series. The actor took to his Instagram account to announce that pre-production will begin soon, saying the following:

“I have been enjoying my Christmas break – perhaps a little too much at some points – but now it’s back to work,” Cavill says in his new video. “Pre-production will be starting very shortly on Witcher Season 2.”

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P.S. Happy New Year!

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Cavill proceeded to thank viewers for supporting the first season and promised to give them more updates as the production wheel gets into motion. And given the actor’s interactive attitude towards fans, we should expect to see many behind-the-scenes clips and images in the months to come, just as we did for the first season.

At any rate, fans will have to go through a long waiting period until The Witcher returns to Netflix in 2021, but in the meantime, we’ll have to hope for the producers and crew members to be generous with updates and little teasers every now and again. Because it’s safe to say that we’re all hungry for more after that thrilling first run.