Witness Carl’s Final Moments In New Walking Dead Promo


It’s now February, which can only mean one thing: AMC is ready to herald the return of The Walking Dead season 8.

Yes, for the seventh year on the trot – remember, TWD‘s inaugural season was only comprised of six episodes in total – this month belongs to the undead, and just yesterday we learned the official title of the hotly-anticipated mid-season premiere.

It’ll release as “Honor,” with the official synopsis teasing an 82-minute ride involving “new difficulties” and “hard decisions,” along with a status report on the other communities scattered across AMC’s barren, post-apocalyptic wasteland. And now, as we quickly approach the show’s return, the network has begun pumping out the promo material.

After two teasers in the span of as many days, we’ve now got yet another look at the upcoming episode, this time in the form of an extended trailer which also gives us a glimpse of what appears to be young Carl’s final moments. The first bit of footage in particular focuses on Grimes Jr., as he succumbs to his walker bite.

We watch as he makes a farewell speech to Rick, pleading with him to end the violence, while the second half of the preview teases more of the battle between Rick and Negan that’s looming on the horizon. Overall, it’s another tantalizing and promising look at what’s to come and only has us that much more excited for the end of the month.

On February 25th, The Walking Dead will finally return to wrap up season 8. Looking further afield, AMC’s juggernaut has already secured a ninth season, too, and it’ll make history in its own right by electing Angela Kang as its first female showrunner.