Wolverine Anthology Series Rumored To Be In The Works For Disney Plus

The Wolverine-Hugh-Jackman

It’s going to take a brave actor to step into Hugh Jackman’s shoes as Wolverine whenever the Marvel Cinematic Universe gets around to rebooting the iconic mutant. Of course, there are literally hundreds of X-Men characters that have never been seen in live-action before, so Kevin Feige and his team are under no obligation to make Logan the focal point of the mythology for a second time, and it’s best waiting a few years yet before even considering recasting the role because every single thing that the next iteration does will be compared to what came before.

Obviously, though, that hasn’t stopped a barrage of rumors and speculation from making the rounds since Disney’s takeover of Fox was completed that say the fan favorite will be on his way back to the big screen sooner rather than later. Some of these purported projects involve Jackman and others don’t, while both feature films and streaming exclusives have also been bandied about.

The latest addition to the ever-growing rumor mill is that a Wolverine anthology series is in the works for Disney Plus, one that would utilize the superhero’s long lifespan to tell a brand new story with each season that’s set in a distinctly different time period, and it’s described in the report as being similar to the concept behind American Horror Story, albeit with more claws and sideburns.

The first run will allegedly cover his adamantium origins and follow the Weapon X program, and while it’s a solid idea in theory, you’d imagine that Wolverine‘s inherent popularity, proven box office track record and marketability would make a theatrical outing the most likely destination for his next solo venture, but at this stage we simply don’t know what Marvel are cooking up behind the scenes.