WWE Hall Of Famer Tammy ‘Sunny’ Sytch arrested for terroristic threats, weapon possession

Remix by Keane Eacobellis

Tammy Lynn Sytch, best known to wrestling fans as Sunny, is in legal trouble again. According to a report published by TMZ, Sytch was arrested this morning in New Jersey. According to court records acquired by the site, Sytch was arrested in Keansburg, New Jersey, at 11 am on Thursday.

According to TMZ, Sytch is being charged with two counts of illegally possessing a weapon (though it should be noted that TMZ believes that this illegal weapon is not a firearm) and one charge of making “terroristic threats.” However, at the current time, the exact nature of the charges and the alleged threats is unknown. The weapons charge could carry a three to five year prison sentence, while the threats charge carries a one-year prison sentence if found guilty.

Tammy Sytch has worked for many major wrestling companies, including the WWE, ECW, WCW, and several independent promotions. Her most famous persona was Sunny, the heel fitness fanatic who managed The Bodydonnas tag-team in the WWE in the 1990s.

She would also manage several other stars including, Faarooq Asaad, Legion of Doom 2000, and The Smokin’ Gunns. Sunny would also host several of the WWE’s TV programs. Including LiveWire and Shotgun Saturday Night. The WWE inducted Sunny into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2011, honoring the work she did for the company. 

However, in recent years Sytch has become known for her legal troubles. The star has been arrested several times in the past decade, most notably in 2012 when she was arrested five times in four weeks. Since then, she has been arrested several more times, including six different DUI charges.

Most recently, Sytch was arrested in July 2020 for allegedly eluding a police officer, violating a domestic violence restraining order, and operating a motor vehicle under a license suspension, which resulted in incarceration. However, she was released from prison in June 2021.