The X-Men TV Series Could Feature Quicksilver


Earlier this week, we heard a rumor that 20th Century Fox was looking to get into the superhero television game with a live-action X-Men series. The show is supposedly in “deep development” at the moment, and could be based on Peter David’s X-Factor comic book series, which featured a spin0ff team of mutants hired by the United States government.

Now, new rumors about the potential series have surfaced. According to Film Divider, the show will exist within the X-Men film universe and is “absolutely designed to permit crossovers” with the movies. As exciting as that is for fans, it presents certain problems for Fox, most notably involving who to cast in the show and which mutants to include. As such, a character who was a runaway hit in the films could very well give the series an immediate boost: Quicksilver.

Played by Evan Peters, Quicksilver was undoubtedly the most pleasant surprise of X-Men: Days of Future Past. Following some pretty poor-received costume reveals, the speedster was under much scrutiny before he ever hit the big screen, but the Pentagon jailbreak scene managed to win over even the most skeptical of critics.

Most of the cast of the X-Men films are movie stars, but Evan Peters has done a considerable amount of television work. He’s been a series regular on American Horror Story and appeared on a number of popular shows. Quicksilver is set to appear in 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse, but as that film is set to end the trilogy of films that began with X-Men: First Class, using Peters as Quicksilver to draw fans to checking out the mutants on the small screen may be a very smart move.

The initial report suggested that the character Jamie Madrox, a.k.a. Multiple Man (played by Grey’s Anatomy actor Eric Dane in X-Men: The Last Stand) would factor into the series, which Film Divider’s sources claim has been “kicked around seriously” and “seems to be more than just a possibility.” There’s also apparently talk of giving the series a female lead, which would definitely solidify the Fringe comparison that we heard originally.

Tell us, what do you think of Evan Peters heading to the small screen as Quicksilver for an X-Men TV series? Let us know in the comments section below.