Why The X-Wing Pilots Didn’t Help Mando In The Mandalorian Season 2

The Mandalorian

The latest episode of The Mandalorian, titled “Chapter 10: The Passenger,” saw Din Djarin and Baby Yoda take on a quest to deliver a frog-like creature and her eggs to another planet.

What’s interesting, though, is that out of all their enemies and pursuers, the bounty hunter runs into a New Republic patrol. This was due to the fact that jumping to lightspeed would destroy the lady’s eggs, so Mando had to navigate the sector using the old fashioned way. After a brief interaction, though, the X-Wing patrol grows suspicious of the Razor Crest, compelling Djarin to pick up speed and fly away from them.

The chase sequence ended when he crash landed in an icy cave below the surface of a nearby planet, where the trio then encountered a new enemy in the form of giant spiders thanks to Baby Yoda’s insatiable appetite. After being almost overrun, the pilots return and clear the field, killing the brood mother in the process. Mando further asks them to help repair the Crest’s hull, but they refuse and leave.

Of course, many fans, and especially new viewers, might be wondering about the history between these characters. While the scouts hadn’t met Mando face to face, their squad was involved with the heist mission in season 1. As they explained, the bounty hunter’s ship is still tagged as the getaway vehicle, but owing to his actions, which turned out in favor of the New Republic and saved their friends, they decided to not arrest him on this occasion, especially given the “troubling times” in the galaxy.

As you know, The Mandalorian takes place after the fall of the Empire, which is why the New Republic doesn’t have enough resources to keep tabs on everything. The X-Wing pilots didn’t owe Mando anything, though, so in a sense, they were just returning the favor. After all, this is how the good guys do things in the galaxy far, far away, right?

As ScreenRant explains:

Further context is added when the pilots refer to “these troubled times.” With the Empire only recently crumbling in The Mandalorian’s timeline, the New Republic clearly have their work cut out patrolling the galaxy and maintaining authority. This heavy workload helps to explain why two ordinary pilots casually judge Din Djarin as deserving a clean slate, but also means they don’t exactly have time to waste helping criminals fix their ships. While the pilots’ response is probably fair, all things considered, it’s interesting to ponder how their reaction would’ve changed if they (or, more intriguingly, their superiors) caught a closer glimpse of Baby Yoda.

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