‘Yellowstone’ season 5 release date and new cast members

The Yellowstone cast posed in a field with a pickup
Image via Peacock/Paramount Pictures

It’s time to grab your flannels, cowboy hats, and bottles of bourbon because Yellowstone is calling, and we’re picking up the phone. The fifth season is on the horizon, and there are exciting new additions to the growing cast of everyone’s favorite Western drama.

With an enormously powerful family, arguments to all-out brawls, enough romance to spice up even the coldest heart, and the kind of drama you can’t help but watch — Yellowstone is a must-see for pop culture lovers. The show is as gripping as it is thought-provoking. Audiences worldwide have begun channeling their inner Yellowstone character and picking favorites they relate to the most.

As the fifth season approaches, the stakes are higher than ever, and the storyline will need new characters to help flesh it out — so who’s joining the roster, and when can we expect to see them make their big debut? Well, we’ve got you covered!

When does season 5 of Yellowstone premiere?

Yellowstone will air its first episode of Season 5 on Nov. 13, which means you’ve got enough time to binge the entire season before then. In fact, you’ve got time to do it as many times as you’d like, and with those Rip and Beth scenes and the beautiful scenery, you’ll have a hard time turning from the series.

The first seasons of Yellowstone are available to stream on Peacock now, and some fans even throw themed viewing parties, just in case you need any ideas for your next weekend in.

Who is joining the cast of Yellowstone?

The cast of Yellowstone is growing by four talented and multifaceted cast members, who will each bring something unique to the table. EW shared just enough about each character to capture our interest and keep us guessing. November can’t get here soon enough!

Singer/songwriter Lainey Wilson is joining the cast as a woman named Abby, who is — you guessed it — a musician. She’ll be bringing a Southern drawl and stunning voice to the series, and is it possible that she’ll hit it off quickly with Walker?

In the next Yellowstone chapter, Kai Caster will bring Rowdy to life, and the character is said to be a young cowboy. Most fans know Caster from American Horror Story, and we’ll be spending a large chunk of time trying to figure out if he’ll be rough around the edges or anxious to follow the rules.

A new character named Clara Brewer will be played by Lilli Kai and it’s been shared that she’ll be a new assistant to one of the Dutton clan — so she can kiss her social life ‘goodbye.’ Which Dutton will she help bring order to? Will they hit it off or be lost in strife?

Dawn Olivieri will play Sarah Atwood, who is being called a corporate shark and is new to the Yellowstone area, which will likely mean — she knows little about the Duttons. That is — if she isn’t someone sent to spy on them! The Duttons have a lot of enemies, so it wouldn’t be totally out of the realm of possibility.

In addition to new characters, some beloved characters are making a comeback — such as a young Rip and a young Beth, played by Kyle Red Silverstein and Kylie Rogers, respectively. Mo Brings Plenty will return alongside Wendy Moniz as Mo and the Governor — who has quite special relations with a certain John Dutton.

Speaking of John, Josh Lucas will return to Season 5 as the young version of John again. We’re so excited to see more of his back story. 

What about series regulars?

Don’t fret; the Dutton clan is set to return in Season 5 alongside the characters that fans have grown to love over the last four seasons.

Of course, this means it’s time for Kevin Costner, Cole Hauser, Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly, Kelsey Asbille, Wes Bentley, Forrie Smith, Ian Bohen, Brecken Merrill, Denim Richards, Ryan Bingham, Gil Birmingham, and Finn Little to grace our screens once again.

Everyone’s favorite ranchhand, Teeter, is also being promoted to series regular, which means we’ll see more of Jen Landon and Jimmy’s fiancé Emily — played by Kathryn Kelly. Town and Country Magazine shares that Jefferson White is also bringing Jimmy back to Yellowstone, and as a fan-favorite, viewers can’t wait to see his continued storyline.

Yellowstone‘s fifth season airs its first episode on Nov. 13.