Zack Snyder Reportedly Not Involved With Rumored Batman: Arkham Knight Show

Justice League Batman

We’ve recently heard that AT&T are possibly keen on an Arkham Knight show for HBO Max, which would involve Ben Affleck’s version of the character in an R-rated adventure. The series, reportedly set to be based on Grant Morrison’s Arkham Asylum graphic novel and Rocksteady Games’ Arkham Knight game, is one of several Batman projects that could happen on streaming, but Geekosity have noted that Zack Snyder will not be part of the production.

What’s perhaps more surprising about the claim is that while the Justice League director is not attached, the Arkham Knight world will still be connected to the SnyderVerse. Here’s what Geekosity has to say on the subject:

“Even though the series will tie into the Snyderverse, there are no plans for Zack Snyder to be involved.”

At this point, we’ve had all manner of hints that this section of DC canon is completely over and done with, or that there’s a glimmer of hope that Warner Bros. could save it. Either way, it seems that Affleck’s Bruce Wayne will remain the one that’s been established in the DCEU, although the degree to which this story will tie into existing movies is unclear. Indeed, the idea originated with the actor, who worked with Geoff Johns on a pitch, and does appear to be closer to reality than the many other potential vehicles for the 48-year-old that have been floating around the internet.

As for Snyder, he may be more likely now to opt for a reported exclusive deal with Netflix due to the success of Army of the Dead, and the platform’s seeming openness to grant him the creative freedom that he needs. To this extent, the last gasp of the SnyderVerse might well be The Flash next year, and is so far the only confirmed next step for Affleck’s Batman. If the Arkham Knight adaptation does get off the ground, though, we’d be all for seeing it provide a suitably dark and operatic take on the Asylum.