The Internet Is Losing It Over The First Lightyear Trailer


This morning, Disney dropped the trailer for our next Pixar movie – the Toy Story spinoff Lightyear, an origin story for the real Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger of Star Command. As we learned last year, Chris Evans is set to take over the role from Tim Allen. At first, there was some controversy around this recasting, but now we’ve seen the teaser trailer for the film, fans are coming around to the idea.

It’s immediately clear from this teaser that Lightyear won’t actually share that much in common with the Toy Story movies. Despite its big-name leading voice actor, the trailer focuses on the film’s incredible visuals, promising what appears to be Pixar’s first-ever full-on sci-fi adventure film (yes, there’s WALL-E, but that was mostly just set on Earth and a space station). And so the internet is collectively losing it over how good this one looks.

Evans fans are getting emotional over our first glimpse at his Buzz…

While others are blown away by the jaw-dropping animation.

They didn’t need to go that hard but they did.

We won’t be missing this.

Bold comparisons are already being made.

Are we sure this isn’t a secret Pixar/Star Wars crossover?

A definite glow-up.


While the trailer didn’t give much away about the story or even how Evans will portray Buzz, it seems we can expect Lightyear to follow Buzz as he just starts out as a Space Ranger, with one comedic clip depicting him as clumsy and still learning the ropes. Though maybe by the end of the movie we can expect him to have become the legendary hero the character believes himself to be at the beginning of Toy Story. But what about his nemesis/father, the Evil Emperor Zurg? Will he be popping up? Or are they saving him for the sequel?

Lightyear is set to release – probably just in theaters – on June 17, 2022.