Bill Cosby trends after being quoted by Kyle Rittenhouse supporter in viral video

Bill Cosby has been staying pretty quiet since his release from prison after his sexual assault conviction was overturned. So he must have been just as surprised as everyone else to see his name trending on Twitter today for something he didn’t even do.

on Nov. 18, News2Share’s editor-in-chief Ford Fisher posted a video to social media showing a man who was counter-protesting outside the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. In it, the man says the N-word before claiming to quote Cosby. “Why don’t black people stop smacking their kids, quit saying motherf**ker, and quit calling each other n*****r?”

You can see the video, which has now gone viral, below.

While we were unable to find the source for this quote, Cosby has previously expressed some similar controversial opinions in what is now known as the “Pound Cake Speech.” Cosby gave the speech during an NAACP Legal Defense Fund awards ceremony in Washington, D.C. back in 2004. The speech was highly critical of the Black community in the United States though the line the man “quotes” in the video is not from there.

Many were outraged by the video, with one user wondering how the man in it was “not getting sucker punched.”

Another user pointed out the potential irony of someone using Bill Cosby as a moral compass.

Another user thought the only reason Cosby’s name should trend at all is “he’s either been re-arrested or unless he’s left this mortal plane.”

Another user used an SNL sketch to point out just how wild it was that Cosby and OJ Simpson were trending at the same time, given they were both Black men accused of serious crimes.

While Bill Cosby himself has not publically commented on the trial in any way, many other celebrities have chosen to do so including Marvel stars Mark Ruffalo and Dave Bautista.

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