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How Old Is Yoyo From Cocomelon?

There's a reason this is the most viewed YouTube channel in the United States.

YoYo - Cocomelon
Photo via Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes/YouTube

YouTube children’s show Cocomelon is absolutely blowing up right now. The channel recently obtained the sought-after title of most-viewed YouTube channel in the United States, alongside being the second-most subscribed to YouTube channel in the entire world.

This colorful, charming series is popular for a reason. It puts an engaging family at the center of its episodes, which use nursery rhymes and original children’s songs to keep young audiences engaged. The well-performed songs seek to educate Cocomelon’s audience on everything from letters, numbers, and colors to lessons about brushing your teeth and the importance of stretching and washing your hands.

The kids that flock to enjoy Cocomelon’s well-executed formula come back for the cheery and educational cast of characters. The majority of the show revolves around a young boy named JJ and his family as they go about their daily lives and teach viewers about a wide range of topics. JJ’s family consists of himself, his siblings YoYo and TomTom, his parents simply named Mom and Dad, and the family dog Bingo. As with any kids show, the character’s details tend to be a bit hazy, leaving many to wonder about the precise age of some of the characters.

Take YoYo, for example. Seemingly the eldest among the Cocomelon family, viewers can’t help but wonder how old this chipper redhead really is. Thankfully, we have the answers you seek. YoYo is canonically seven years old, but is not, in fact, the eldest Cocomelon kid. That title goes to TomTom, who scrapes past her with an entire additional year under his belt.

YoYo is one of the more artistic members of her family and is always eager to help. Her age places her right in the middle of her siblings, which helps her to maintain her position as a relatable and engaging character for kids of (nearly) all ages to enjoy. She is also the only female sibling, which additionally helps this fun and lively character to stand out.

Cocomelon‘s musically educational formula has served the series well. The channel, titled “Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes” currently has more than 117 million subscribers. The range of brightly colored videos on the page have gained Cocomelon more than 107 billion views over the years. Fans of the series flock to new uploads, which typically hit the page every few days, in droves, with most uploads earning a minimum of 5 million views. The series is so popular, in fact, that a Netflix adaptation was recently launched.

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