Ray William Johnson’s Band May Be Making A Surprise Comeback

Ray William Johnson may not be the huge name on YouTube that he used to be but at one point Equals Three was one of the most popular programs on the platform. He would discuss viral videos on YouTube while cracking jokes and many consider Equals Three to be the predecessor that inspired popular shows like Ridiculousness and Tosh.0 today.

One of the most popular side projects to spawn from Johnson’s miniature media empire at the time was the musical project Your Favorite Martian. It was once the most subscribed to music channel on the entirety of YouTube and had sold over 1.2 million songs on iTunes. After a dispute with Maker Studios back in 2012 over AdSense revenue sharing on the project as well as future creative control, the album the band was working on was canceled.

Ever since then, the once-famous channel has been called THIS PROJECT IS RETIRED with the last song posted to the channel being Boom Headshot on September 21st, 2012. But now fans have seen some interesting activity over the last few days that show the band might actually be making a comeback after nine years of silence.

Recently, the band released a new album on Spotify titled, I Like Your Boobs, Will You Go to Prom with Me? on the platform — the title is a reference to one of their most popular songs Tig Ol’ Bitties. The album currently only contains nine previously released songs and none of the music that was promised in the thought to be canceled album the band announced back in 2012. The art also looks to be potentially stolen from Twitter user @saveraedae making fans question if the band’s account had simply been hacked.

However, a new channel called YFMVevo has also suddenly appeared on YouTube and is uploading videos from some of the songs on the album. The channel’s current description is, “Your Favorite Martian on Vevo – Official Music Videos, Live Performances, Interviews and more…” They also feature some of the videos that mysteriously vanished from the original Your Favorite Martian channel back in 2016 including the band’s first song My Balls.

Many fans were disappointed that Your Favorite Martian’s once promised album had never come out, especially with names like Miley Cyrus, Jonathon Davis, Snoop Dogg, and Mark Hamill attached to the project. While Johnson has continued to release new songs with his band The Upside Downs, fans are still longing for the once promised collection of songs to surface.

Is 2021 the year Your Favorite Martian finally makes its big comeback? Only time will tell. Ray William Johnson has currently not commented on the situation at this time.