The ‘Go Little Rockstar’ TikTok trend explained

It’s sometimes hard to keep up with all of the current viral trends on TikTok, with new dances, challenges, and various other oddities spawning on the platform almost daily. However, sometimes one goes so viral that absolutely everyone knows about it, and people begin to wonder where exactly it came from.

The “Go Little Rockstar” trend, as many have called it, is one of those cases. The incredibly wholesome trend has people using a particular sound based on a song by indie band SALES called “Pope Is a Rockstar” to help celebrate achievements of many kinds.

One portion of the song features the lyrics “Pope is a rockstar,” which people mishear enough to inspire the name of the trend as well as the tone of the videos it inspires.

Most of the videos are very wholesome, tending to feature either younger athletes or people, in general, doing amazing things, cute animals performing fantastic feats, or even just memorializing lost loved ones. The “little” part of the misheard lyrics tends to drive the theme of the videos for many people.

With no actual formatting requirements of any kind for the trend, minus including the song in the video, of course, it’s incredibly easy for a ton of people to both create and watch the videos based on it.

It has to be funny to have a song go viral for people quoting the wrong lyrics, but SALES doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, they haven’t commented on the situation at all despite having an official TikTok channel of their own. Still, we doubt any band would mind TikTok users giving them tons of recognition through literally millions of views, so more people than ever know their song.