What is the noodle hair trend on TikTok and how do you do it?

Noodle hair trend TikTok
Photo via sisijjj1/TikTok

TikTok is driving more and more of today’s trends, in entertainment and comedy as well as in fashion, makeup, and style. Many of the video-sharing app’s most popular trends involve dancing, thirst-trapping, or attempting a dangerous stunt, but the app is also behind a new fashion trend that is blowing up among users. The noodle hair trend has been spreading rapidly on the app, thanks in large part to a few high-profile celebrities, inspiring copycats and prompting questions about how to achieve the look.

What is the noodle hair trend?

The noodle hair trend has appeared in popular culture before, but often by another name. On TikTok, it is goes by “noodle hair” due to the resulting hairdo’s similarities to the tight curls of a ramen noodle. Multiple hairstyles have the potential to fall into the “noodle hair” category, but the most popular style sees people rocking numerous tight, twining curls. In some cases, these curls are then bleached or given highlights to make them pop.


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The TikTok fashion trend has been around for months, but tends to pick up steam whenever pro footballer Cristiano Ronaldo rocks the ‘do. His hair has been lovingly referred to as “the spaghetti” by fans for years, and is largely seen as the inspiration behind the trend eventually reaching TikTok.

Who’s doing it?

Noodle hair is genderless, which is great news for anyone looking to try out the style. Several high-profile celebrities have rocked noodle hair over the years, the most popular of whom are probably Ronaldo and Taylor Swift. Swift’s hairstyle changes from time to time, but one of her most iconic looks sees her sporting long, tight curls past her shoulders.

This is another version of noodle hair, though it may be more accurately compared to cellentani noodles than ramen. Swift’s early look often saw her sporting waves of bouncing curls down her back, a style that falls perfectly in line with the noodle trend. Her early stardom style has inspired a number of creators to try out something similar, and is one of the culprits behind the noodle hair trend’s rise on TikTok.

Noodle hair TikTok
Photos via c0rbo/TikTok and beauty.and.the.booze/TikTok

On the platform itself, numerous people are trying out the trend. Male creators often toss in the added touch of highlighting their curls to make them look even more like an un-sauced pasta dish, while most female creators simply let their natural curls shine. Regardless of how, exactly, they tackle the trend, quite a few TikTokers have made an attempt at noddle hair.

How to achieve the noodle hair look

Creators looking to attempt the noodle hair trend have a few options. Not everyone who identifies as a noodle head has curly hair, which is great news for the chronically straight among us. In order to achieve a noodle hair look with straight hair, however, blonde locks are all but required.

The bleaching process is not always necessary for the noodle hair trend, but it really helps with the aesthetics. Noodles are typically a creamy yellow color, which means that blondes will always be the most successful at achieving this look. It is at its most successful among those who highlight or bleach their hair to give it the perfect noodle-colored boost.

Other tricks to achieving that perfect noodle look include piling one’s hair atop their head, Justin Timberlake style, or by loosing individual “noodle” strands from an updo to highlight one’s features. These looks help to accent the noodle-ish quality of your hair. A number of products can also help to boost any noodle-like qualities your hair may already have, aiding in goals to achieve that perfect pasta style.