What Is The SZA Tik Tok Song?

Tik Tok has grown to become a massive platform for users of all ages and backgrounds; prompting both artists and fans to use the app to promote themselves through skits and dances to popular songs. It’s also a great place to release new and unknown music; boosting many artists to stardom from just a few short videos. Sometimes, songs from those videos get a complete rollout as a single and even featured on an artist’s upcoming album. And sometimes, others remain totally mysteries and never even make it to the radio or any other streaming platform; making those Tik Tok moments even more special.

Well, now it seems that R&B artist SZA aims to capitalize on those special moments. Earlier this year, SZA released the track, “Good Days” and fans immediately expressed their eagerness to hear a new album from the artist in 2021. Of course, “Good Days” made waves on the singles circuit, but it wasn’t that song that had fans going crazy on Tik-Tok. 

However, if you were to ask a fan the name of the SZA song that has everybody obsessed on TikTok, they probably couldn’t tell you. And that’s because no one even knows what the name of the song is.

According to HITC, it all started when Tik-Tok user @bgottfans posted a video where he dances along to the song, and went viral on the app with 1.9 million views. After the video went viral, Tik-Tok users became so obsessed with a 15-second audio clip that many fans took to Twitter and urged SZA herself to release the song.

But instead, SZA decided to go a different route. In January of this year, the R&B singer created her own Tik-Tok account to copy the video tutorial that was created by @bgottfans and attempted to dance to her own unreleased track. She even tagged the Tik Tok user and caption the dance: “ATTEMPTING”

However, SZA has yet to reveal the name of the song that has Tik Tok in a dancing frenzy, so fans are still clueless as to how to tag the melody that they have been dancing to. But she has kind of confirmed that the song will at least be featured on her upcoming album. 

Back in October, SZA posted a clip to her Instagram story. In the clip, the artist shares a video of herself in the recording studio playing the snippet while hinting that she was also collaborating with producer Rodney Jenkins AKA Darkchild on new music.

Well, at least we know that there will eventually be a tracklist on the album and since the song has been confirmed for the new project, it shouldn’t be long before we finally get a name to put to the record that has been dominating TikTok. Until then, fans will just have to wait patiently to see what SZA has been cooking up all this year.